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When you create real relationships rather than treat students and clients like transactions, you'll get massive results for them. See some of my recent wins.

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After Failing Dropshipping For 3.5 Years, We Helped Anthony Hit $1,000/day Profit

Anthony was struggling with dropshipping for 3.5 years but he never gave up. We helped him hit $1,000/day profit. His problem was he didn't grasp the idea of direct response marketing. He was stuck in the YouTube trap of testing products over and over with no successful attempts.

Since shifting to our frameworks and system, he's currently scaling multiple dropshipping stores.

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Dante Scaled His Dropshipping Business To $1,000,000 In A Year

Dante is a full-time university student, after investing in multiple coaching programs over multiple years with no success, he joined us and we helped him crack scale.

He has since then converted his dropshipping business into a brand.

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$0 To $3,000 A Day With No Prior Experience

Kat was able to start and scale a dropshipping store to $3,000 a day with no prior experience in 30 days.

She is now working on a TikTok Content Creation agency and is converting her dropshipping store into a brand.